…I have not been able to thank you for all that you did throughout the exam process and just the classes in general. I have not come across a more professionally run company in all of my 8 years as a mother. You are a credit to yourself and the Ballet School will continue to thrive for as long as you wish to continue! Everything about the experience is a joy. Thank you again…
— Jodie Roughly, mother of annabel

She loved her time there. The lessons were always engaging, challenging, structured, inspiring and enjoyable. The teaching staff all encouraged the pupils to be the best they could be, to improve their technical skill whilst fostering their love of dance- the perfect balance!
— Kirsty Grace

“Vanessa and The Ballet School team supported my daughter’s desire to continue to follow her passion and she is now studying ballet full time at The Royal Ballet School. Vanessa continues to support my daughter in her training and attends her performances (much to my daughters delight!) This is testament to her commitment to her students who adore her.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Vanessa and her other teaching staff to prospective parents.”

- Kirsty Grace

What a triumph - a huge feat of creativity, choreography and organisation! I enjoyed it so much I went back for a second time. And weren’t our girls completely wonderful? The cygnet dance was brilliant and they looked so lovely and danced so perfectly. I think we must all be so proud!
Thank you, Vanessa for giving them all such a wonderful opportunity. These magical theatrical moments are likely to have a big influence on their interests and choices for the rest of their lives.
— Sophie

“The Ballet School Notting Hill is exceptional. The lessons for the little ones are full of charm and fantasy – fulfilling every little girl’s dream of dancing. And as the children grow their talent is nurtured to obtain the highest balletic standards. This school encourages all the best things about dance – ensuring strong technique whilst being uplifting, inspiring and full of joy.”

- Henrietta Courtauld, mother of Willow and Lilac

We have seen our girls grow not only in confidence, what’s really special is the way their love & appreciation of the creative arts has been nurtured and cultivated in a way that seems so unique to The Ballet School.
— Kellie Weiss

Ballet School London Show Swan Lake 4.jpg
My daughters have been doing ballet since they were 2 years old, but only discovered the passion when we found Miss Vanessa and The Ballet School.
The school combines incredible competence and dedication with a warm and very kind environment. Vanessa nurtures each student regardless of their ability, being an incredible inspiration for pupils and parents alike. The end of year show is always an outstanding production created with non-professional kids at professional level standards and is an extraordinary stage experience for the students. While my now 14 year old daughter Stella still studies ballet at The Ballet School with the same passion and enthusiasm, my 12 year old is attending the prestigious Royal Ballet School full time to become a professional ballerina. I can’t thank Miss Vanessa and all the other amazing teachers at The Ballet School enough for the incredible and enduring support they gave Emma in pursuing her dream.
— Silvia, mother of Stella & Emma Lucano

I cannot rave enough about The Ballet School. The ballet teachers are just what you dreamt about when you were a little girl!
— Sarah Barkle, mother of Rose
Through the tremendous energy & inspirational teaching at The Ballet School, each child gets a chance to shine.
— Emily Mackie, mother of Honor

“Miss Vanessa fits every young girl’s expectation of a fairy princess. The kindness and consideration shown by Miss Vanessa to each of the girls whatever their level and ability is so touching. The attention to detail and care that goes into the lessons, workshops and exam preparation by Miss Vanessa and her team is incredible.”

- Megan Bonetti, mother of Leila

“There is so much to love about The Ballet School I am not sure where to start. Our daughter Scarlett started when she was in nursery and is now gearing up for her first exam in Y2. The teaching is inspiring and so much fun it is all she talks about. She has been in a production of Peter Pan aged only 5, her confidence has soared, there are endless requests for extra lessons, holiday workshops, it is really a small child’s dream. I really can’t thank Miss Vanessa and her amazing team enough.”

- Louise, mother of Scarlett

The teaching is inspiring and so much fun it is all she talks about. She has been in a production of Peter Pan aged only 5, her confidence has soared
— Louise, mother of Scarlett

“The Ballet School offers a comprehensive curriculum for those ballerinas wishing to pursue the examination route while providing a balance of fun, insightful workshops explaining the classics to young dancers. Miss Vanessa has a true skill and talent for teaching children, injecting fun and imagination into all she does. My daughters love their ballet classes and now have the confidence to choreograph their own ballets around the sitting room furniture.”

- Anna Lewin, mother of Maddie, Mia and Rosa

Such a fantastic event to be a part of and one which has enriched them in all sorts of ways. Vanessa - you and your team are absolute marvels! Our lot have been incredibly lucky and truly blessed to have had you as their teacher, mentor and inspiration over all these years and they are an absolute credit to you.
They are such a gorgeous bunch and for those I haven’t already told, the cygnet dance made me weep it was so fantastic!
— Tory xxx